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MD5,SHA1 Decryption

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  • JSSE Reference Guide for Java SE - Oracle
    Data that travels across a network can easily be accessed by someone who is not the intended recipient When the data includes private information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, steps must be taken to make the data unintelligible to unauthorized parties
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    17 Developing Applications Using Data Encryption In addition to controlling access, you can also encrypt data to reduce your security risks However, data encryption is not an infallible solution
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    Looking for a simple text encryption decryption VB6 code Ideally, the solution should accept (text, password) arguments and produce readable output (without any special characters), so it can be used anywhere without encoding issues There are lots of code available for NET, but not really much I can find for legacy VB6
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  • Network Security Glossary | WatchGuard Technologies
    ACL (Access Control List) A method of keeping in check the Internet traffic that attempts to flow through a given hub, router, firewall, or similar device Access control is often accomplished by creating a list specifying the IP addresses and or ports from which permitted traffic can come
  • mod_ssl - Apache HTTP Server Version 2. 2
    Summary This module provides SSL v2 v3 and TLS v1 support for the Apache HTTP Server It was contributed by Ralf S Engeschall based on his mod_ssl project and originally derived from work by Ben Laurie
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